Does at-home manicure kits give you that same salon look?

A Kiss Complete Nail Salon Kit Review by Dominique Stephanie Waldron

Going to the nail salon every two weeks can be pricy. Fill-ins are too when you actually look at what you need fixing compared to the pricing. Since we all are not living on a Blue Ivy budget (cause she has none) doing things yourself, like purchasing a salon nail kit, is a trend that will never go out of style. But is saving money causing you to cheat yourself from having gorgeous nails?

Well I took it upon myself to finally purchase one of those nail kits (Kiss Complete Salon Acrylic Kit $8.99) and save money. Following the steps accordingly and accurately, everything seemed to be going smooth. That’s until I had to even out the acrylic on my nails. See in the salons they have the mechanical buffer that makes the job looks easy. I had a regular nail filer. Not to mention the step after letting the acrylic dry mentioned a white kiss brush that wasn’t included (so make sure everything you need is in that kit). I was not too happy about the outcome of my nails. The acrylic was uneven and when applying nail polish onto the nail it was nail art disaster. The fact I don’t go to the nail salon often might have been a factor because without my sister guidance I had no clue what I was doing. And if you do go often observing and watching the people do your nails can be helpful.

I had training for my new job the next day so I had to rush to the nail salon to pay for them to remove my work. And by me observing how the lady took off my nails I knew I had wasted money yet again.
So if you do try a nail salon kit, besides making sure everything you need is included, if all goes wrong do not waste money on the salon to remove it. All you have to do is (what they do) is cut down as much of the artificial nail as possible and use another tip from the kit and slide it in between the acrylic, artificial nail and your natural nails, separating the two. TRUST ME THIS WORKS.

Although, my first experience trying a nail kit didn’t have the outcome I wanted, my sister, on the other hand said it worked amazing for her fill-in. In her words, all she had to do was fill in the chipped parts and ended up saving.

Dominique is an AEE Intern.  Look for more of her writing on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. 

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