The FDC Young Designer Competition is Coming to America!!

Immediate release
Contact: Joanna Marcella Reid, Founder

The FDC Young Designer Competition is Coming to America!!

The Fashion Designers’ and Craft makers’ (FDC) Young Designer Awards founded by UK knitwear designer Joanna Marcella is launching a NEW FREE fashion competition for creative young American fashion designers.
The organisers  of the FDC Young Designer Competition is inviting extremely able and talented young fashion designers to participate in this incredible initiative. Young Designers will present their garments to a panel of judges from the fashion and media industries in New York City in the spring of 2015.

Joanna Marcella says ‘we seek to encourage, support and promote young fashion designers as much as we can, through this new platform. Our attempt to support aspiring multi-cultural fashion designers is born from a desire to make a significant difference to the lives and economic well-being of highly motivated young people.’

FDC Young Designer Competition has been devised as a platform to recognise the achievements of young fashion designers who have the ability and the potential to be future fashion leaders. The project gives budding young designers from ages 7-13 years a chance to be recognised for their talents; entrants must be US residents. To enter please request an application form from Joanna Marcella onjoanna_marcella@hotmail.com
Our vision is to produce fashion leaders of the future and raise the profile of extremely talented young fashion designers; This Young Designer Project will play a major part in the pursuit of tomorrow’s global fashion stars. 

This project raises awareness of gifted youth who have a natural creative talent and flair for fashion design. Budding young designers ages 7-13 years that would like to enter should send an email tojoanna_marcella@hotmail.com requesting a application form and put the 'FDC Young Designer Competition USA' in the subject line. Potential entrants should get permission from their parents/guardians or school.