Vintage vs Modern

Vintage vs. Modern.....No More...Together Forever..

Whether it is the '40's, '50's, '60's or '80's, adding period pieces to a modern outfit can be effortless and always stylish.....

Vintage fashion has become a highly regarded trend in the fashion industry today. Designers and fashionistas alike are taking trends from past decades and incorporating them into modern style. Whether buying something new with a vintage flair or an authentic piece from that era, vintage fashion can offer a creative and individualistic look.

Clothing, shoes and accessories from past eras can be cheaper than buying new, and it is also environmentally friendly to reuse an item. Ideas can come from the style of the rockabilly girls of the 1950s to the funky chicks of the 1980s. Buying vintage helps to express creativity, with classic and timeless pieces that always make a statement.

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