Fill Your Closet

Enjoy these tips and develop your own style!!

Discover designer clothes at low prices by looking for "irregulars"local stores.

Fill your closet with basic pieces that you can wear for several seasons, then live up to your "diva" reputation by dressing them up with flashy accessories like scarves, necklaces and belts that you've purchased on sale.

Browse at secondhand or consignment shops located in different areas, you are likely to discover more designer items there. Look for garments that you can inexpensively alter if they're a size too big or too small.

Get a cutting-edge hairstyle at a discount by having it done at a beauty school or during a training session at a major hair salon. The students are supervised the entire time, you'll get the cut at a deep discount.

Stay within your makeup budget by knowing which items available at your local drugstores are just as effective as designer brands.

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