An Interview with Paula Horlick, CEO of The Vintage Scarf

When I saw Paula's vintage scarves I was intrigued, they reminded me of classic hollywood glam; Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Ginger Rogers, and they're not just for women..

I am happy to announce Paula Horlick, the newest member of our Fashion Accessories Showcase here at The Glam Group...Enjoy the interview everyone!

TGG: Tell us a little about yourself, and how you got started in the fashion vintage industry?

PH: After several years in Corporate America I followed my passion.  The inspiration started from receiving a vintage scarf in the mail from my grandmother's personal collection.  I realized my true calling which prompted me to launch "The Vintage Scarf".

My dedication and focus on excellence is what drives me to make sure that all of my clients are happy, fully satisfied with their experience and with my products.  I am dedicated to finding one of a kind items that will enhance any ones wardrobe or just to add that flare that so many want to accomplish!!

The Vintage Scarf, offers unique, authentic and one of a kind vintage scarves in excellent condition.

TGG: How do you define fashion? How do you define style?

PH: Fashion and Style to me is how you feel about yourself, your statement, your personal attire.  Each person is their own person and should dress how they feel on that particular day.  You make your own fashion and style.  A vintage scarf can make the same outfit look different with each and every type, color and size of scarf.

TGG: When you are shopping for vintage pieces what is the best part of your journey?

PH: It is like a treasure hunt and I am like a baby in a candy store!  I get so excited when I find the scarves.  People look at me like I am "crazy" !  They say it is only a scarf but to me it is a part of history.

TGG: Any tips or tricks for wearing your vintage scarves?

photo credit: The Vintage Scarf

Contact us if you would like to receive our Fashion Accessories Showcase.  Having a fashion show? Accessorize with a piece (s) from The Vintage Scarf.

Thank you Paula, for making the world a beautiful place with vintage...Welcome to The Glam Group, Fashion Edition of Alba's Exclusive Events.


  1. This was a really nice post. When I normally shop, I have no technique but that could be the reason why I look like a plain made a mental note of some of her tips. I will post my next shopping experience on my blog & let you see what I've come up with. ;-)

  2. Hi Keianna, I can't wait to some before and after pictures too!:) Thanks for stopping by....