Sexy Party Heels Under $100

Colin Stuart Sandal with Chain Link and Ribbon Strap - Sexy Party Heels Under $100 - Holiday Fashion & Accessories 2010 - Fashion - InStyle


  1. Hi Alba, such a fun website, I have shared to Twitter and Google Buzz, have a good one, Karren

  2. Hi Alba! Thanks for everything! visitng from the OSM Blog Party!

  3. Hi Alba. Love your blog though I have to say I'd kill myself if I tried to walk in those heels. lol
    Visiting from OSM blog party.

  4. Hi Ladies, thank you for visiting, Kathy,LOL!!! Please come back and visit and I also invite you to follow....lots of great things being added...I look forward to networking again..

  5. Darn I envy those who can wear heels! These are hot. I can't wear any since I had the bunion surgery :-(

    Michelle (from the OSM Blog Party)

  6. What great shoes...Love the new blog Alba. Wishing you lots of success. Will promote on Twitter and FAcebook. Thanks for bing a part of our blog party.

    PS-what is the "I'm Interested" form at the bottom for?

    Maureen :)